The Aslan Group


Leadership, communication, and innovation.

Areas of Practice



Coaching is designed to provide personal attention, feedback, and individually tailored development to each executive in preparation for advancement in leadership. A typical coaching commitment may consist of 4 hours per month of direct contact via telephone, email, and/or face-to-face meetings. In addition, 24/7 access is provided for just-in-time coaching. Coaching fees are determined by length of service, types of activities, and level of interaction.

Data-Driven Workshops

We develop unique workshops grounded in assessments of the problems and opportunities your organization faces. We do not offer “canned” or recycled programs, but rather work with you to design experiences that best meet your needs.


Leading with data is about moving from summarizing what the data say to understanding how data fit into what is happening in your business. It requires that you add your own context and perspective to the facts. A good leader knows that the data aren’t the story. The business is the story and the data helps create a more complete picture. We are prepared to help you use data to make more effective and productive decisions.

Multipoint Reviews

Multipoint reviews gather and synthesize feedback on performance from a variety of sources including peers, direct reports, indirect reports, customers, and supervisors. The Aslan Group conducts interviews with these key sources of information and provides anonymized and strategic feedback and strategies for development.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

We begin by conducting a strategic value assessment to examine and value rank work activities within your organization. We identify assigned tasks, time spent on those tasks, management span of control, work products and processes, and work activity costs. We review process models and documentation to identify potential inefficiencies and duplication, interview to create a catalogue of work activities, conduct focus groups to value rank activities and generate cost savings ideas, and develop a detailed cost analysis. We then design and facilitate a process to help you build and implement your strategic plan.